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I2C brings together 8 chemistry laboratories in fields of complementary expertise, each laboratory is composed of several tutors.

The Office of Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies

The Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commissariat (CEA) is a public scientific, technical and industrial research organization (EPIC). As a major player in research, development and innovation, CEA The framework of four missions: defense and security, nuclear energy (fission and fusion), technological research for industry and basic research (materials and life sciences). Based on a recognized expertise capacity, the CEA participates in the setting up of collaborative projects with numerous academic and industrial partners.

The National Center for Scientific Research is a public research organization (a public scientific and technological institution under the aegis of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research). It produces knowledge and puts this knowledge at the service of society.

With nearly 32,000 people (including 24,617 statutory staff - 11,106 researchers and 13,511 engineers, technicians and administrative staff), a budget for 2015 of € 3.3 billion, including € 769 million in own resources, The whole national territory, the CNRS carries out its activity in all fields of knowledge, relying on more than 1100 units of research and service.

With 21 Nobel laureates and 12 Fields Medals, the CNRS has a long tradition of excellence. Each year the CNRS awards the gold medal, considered the highest French scientific distinction.

ENSICAEN, a public school located in the heart of the scientific plateau, north of Caen, trains engineers in innovation and entrepreneurship, with a solid scientific background.

You benefit from the proximity of our 6 common research laboratories (CNRS, CEA, UNICAEN). The lessons are oriented "trades" to accompany you in the realization of your professional project. Trained in the search for new processes, you benefit from an experience abroad, compulsory in the course.
Resolutely international, the institution develops an active policy of exchange and development: 6 double diplomas, academic semesters, internships, 1 Master International (SNEAM), etc.

1st French public engineering school group

The INSAs share the same logic of federation and a single philosophy while preserving their own identity based on its history and genesis, its economic environment and centers of excellence developed on the basis of specific competences .

The INSA group presents the largest group of engineer training in France: 10% of the engineers graduated in France leave INSA every year. To date, more than 80,000 INSA engineers currently work in the world. Almost 100% of graduates are hired in less than 3 months of which about 10% abroad.

Public institutions of a scientific, cultural and professional nature under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of higher education, the INSA are authorized by the CTI (Commission of the titles of Engineer) to issue the diploma of engineer.

On the Normandy inter-academic territory, Normandie Université, which brings together the universities of Caen Normandie, Le Havre Normandie, Rouen Normandie, Ensa Normandie, ENSICAEN and INSA Rouen Normandie, organizes the territorial coordination of educational institutions And research organizations in the provision of training and research and transfer strategies.

The Community of Universities and Etablissements Normandie Université brings together institutions of higher education and research linked by the common will to propose a training and research offer at the best level, to ensure the development of innovation in all its forms.

The University of Caen Normandy is a major player and a driving force for the development of higher education and research in Normandy. UNICAEN is a member of the Normandy University. UNICAEN benefits from the advantages of the region such as the coast, cross-Channel exchanges, a fast track to the capital and offers attractive cultural activities or sports activities.

UNICAEN also enjoys a strong cultural tradition which was illustrated in 2014 by major international events, the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and the World Equestrian Games. Founded in 1432 by King Henry VI of England, the University of Caen Normandy is one of the oldest French universities. Its campus 1 (in Caen) is classified to historical monuments. The University of Caen Normandy in figures:

  •     More than 28,000 students, including more than 18,000 undergraduates (DUT, Bachelor's degree, PACES, other courses), nearly 7,000 graduate students (Master, engineering degree, other training), more than 400 in other Non-cycle or pre-university courses, spread over training sites covering the whole of the regional territory: Caen, Cherbourg, Alençon, Saint-Lô, Vire, Lisieux;
  •      Almost 1,600 jobs for teachers, researchers and teachers;
  •      Approximately 1,100 library, engineering, administrative and health workforce;
  •      45 research units, of which 22 are labeled by the major organizations (CNRS, INRA, INSERM, CEA).

Established in 1984, Le Havre Normandie University now has nearly 8,000 students. It is a university of proximity and is attentive to the welcome and the human and professional promotion of each of its students.

Le Havre Normandie University is composed of three training and research units - Science and Technology, International Affairs, Humanities and Social Sciences, a University Institute of Technology, an engineering school, the Higher Institute Logistics studies, and services.

The University of Rouen Normandie is one of the leading players in higher education and research in Normandy, with over 2,500 employees and more than 29,000 students each year.

With the Community of Universities and Institutions (ComUE) Normandie Université, the institution deploys its strategy at the level of the Norman site, to offer an even more comprehensive range of public training and research services. These objectives are formalized in the multi-year contract 2012-2016, signed with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research on 28 March 2012.

Esplanade de la Paix / CS 14032 / 14032 Caen Cedex 5