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The PRIMACEN Platform (Cellular Imaging Research Platform in Normandy) is dedicated to provide academic and industrial users with equipment and to propose methodological approaches for a wide spectrum of activities ranging from the synthesis of peptide biomarkers and preparation of samples for imaging, to the localization and determination of the biological activity of a molecule of interest.

Its objective is to offer users complementary spatial and temporal resolutions for research and development projects requiring imaging in the field of life sciences.

An adapted partnership offer

In close partnership with industry, PRIMACEN develops numerous collaborations at regional, national and international level. Access to PRIMACEN can be done in three ways i.e. autonomous use, scientific collaboration or service (rates available on our website). The management and operation of PRIMACEN are provided by twenty researchers, teachers-researchers, engineers and technicians from INSERM or the University of Rouen. PRIMACEN offers specific support through a personalized service:
  • Service contracts
  • Collaborative research contracts
  • Support for start-up development
  • Assistance in setting up projects: seeking partners and funding
  • Training of your professionals, supervision of trainees, PhD students
  • Consulting, technological watch.

Our strengths
  • 16 years of experience: PRIMACEN is an IBiSA Platform (Infrastructure in Biology, Health and Agronomy) designed to support industrials in their research and development. More than 150 current user
  • Confidentiality: PRIMACEN sets up NDAs to collaborate in full confidence and plans everything related to IP in its contracts
  • Expertise: twenty researchers, teachers-researchers, engineers, technicians from Inserm or the University of Rouen.
  • Video clip of PRIMACEN:

 Our know-how and skills
  • A wide variety of samples can be processed on PRIMACEN:
  • Bacteria, microalgae, plants, molluscs, insects, birds, amphibians, rodents, human and non-human primate cells and tissues,
  • Complementary approach in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo,
  • Live and fixed samples.

PRIMACEN is organized around 4 facilities:
  • Peptide Synthesis and Functional Screening Facility: design, synthesis, purification, analysis and characterization of peptides, peptide analogues and biomarkers. Identification of bioactive molecules and determination of the biological activity of natural or synthetic molecules by spectrofluorimetry approaches.
  • peptide synthesizers, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer
  • plate readers, including flexstation
  • Bio Imaging Facility: localization of molecules of interest (neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, receptors, proteins, enzymes, etc.) in bacteria, plant, animal and human cells, and spatio-temporal study of biological processes on cells and tissues living.

  • wide field microscopes, image analyzer for macro-autoradiography, phosphorimager, macroscope, infrared scanner,
  • confocal microscopes (straight and inverted), confocal macroscope, STED microscope,
  • biphotonic microscope equipped for in vivo imaging,
  • videomicroscopes and biostation,
  • multidimensional image analysis stations
  • laboratory L2 for cell culture
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility: localization and identification at the subcellular scale of molecules of interest (epitopes of protein or carbohydrate nature) by immunocytochemistry in human, plant and bacterial animal cells (cryomethodes).

  • transmission electron microscope,
  • high-pressure freezing system (HPF),
  • low temperature substitution system (AFS), ultracryomicrotomes,
  • Microdissection and quantitative PCR Facility: microsurgery, histology, laser microdissection, sampling and quantification of the relative expression of genes expressed in different tissues or in cells in culture.

  • ventilated cabinets to temporarily house rodents,
  • micro-surgery of the rodent,
  • fiber optic confocal microscope,
  • laser microdissectors, cryomicrotomes, paraffin microtome, vibratomes,
  • Real-time PCR (formats ranging from 96 to 1536 samples),
  • Digital PCR

Vaudry David, Scientific Director
Tel: 33 235 14 67 60

Esplanade de la Paix / CS 14032 / 14032 Caen Cedex 5