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Carnot I2CGovernance


I2C's governance structure is structured around three bodies: a steering committee, a board of the institute and a strategic steering committee.

The mandatory trusteeship of I2C is Normandy University which is the University of Normandy Universities and Institutions (ComUE) in coherence with the perimeter of the institute. In order to ensure a real responsiveness in the management of the Carnot Institute, Normandie Université is the one-stop-shop of the institute, emanating from the institutions and piloted by Normandie University.

The governance of the Innovation Chimie Carnot institute is entrusted by Normandie Université to a tight steering committee made up of academics and members of the competitiveness clusters of the thematic scope. The presence of members of the competitiveness clusters within the governance will strengthen the proximity with the industrial world in order to orient in a pertinent way the axes of research and to adapt the offers of the institute to the needs and challenges of the socio-economic world. This steering committee ensures the management of the institute within the budgetary and strategic framework defined by the I2C board and under the control of the latter. It will benefit from the advice of the strategic steering committee.

The director of the institute and the operational director are responsible for the running of the institute, representing it within the Carnot institutes association and guaranteeing compliance with the Carnot charter. The relay within the departments Synthesis, Analysis and Formulation, constitutive of the Innovation Institute Chimie Carnot is ensured by the heads of departments. Each department manager ensures the application of the decisions taken by the steering committee at the level of the units of its scope under the responsibility of the director of the institute and scientifically animate their themes.

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