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Drug Design


Contact : Pr. Patrick Dallemagne


The Drug Design platform is made of four platformes of the CERMN (Medical research and study center of Normandy). The CERMN is, thanks to these platformes, a specialist in medical chemistry, multidisciplinary, betwenn the Physico-Chemistry and Biology sciences. 

Organic and Medical Chemistry

The main acitivy is paralelle to the research program developed in 3 scientific fields : Polypharmacolohy, Protein-Protein interaction and Chemistry tools for diagnostic and imaging. This platform is supported by a strong synthesis methology, adapted for original molecules synthesis (Heterocycle, Foldamers) with therapeutic or diagnostic interest. 


This platform is a conception tool for target-ligands interaction modelisation. 
Chemical Library (Chimiothèque)

The CERMN Chimiothèque is the 1st one in France, composed today by 19000 original molecules. It's the first contributor of the national Chimiothèque. This collection is completed with biological data. 

Screening & Drugability

This platform is developing since 2011 in vitro tests to evaluate in a early stage the activity of new coupounds linked with biological target of interest. On the other hand, it evaluates the physicochemical characteristics predictive of the drugability of new compounds. Also, inovative galenic solution based on nanotechnologies are developed within this platform. 

Know-how at the service of the partnership

The Drug Design pltaform is also able to design and synthetize therapeutic or diagnostic agent of interest, whose in vitro activity and drugability are proven, to allow their preclinical development in collaboration with biologists and pharmacologists. The therapeutic areas currently studied are oncology and neurosciences. 


  • NMR Spectrometer 400 KHz
  • Rayon X Diffraction equipment
  • HPLC coupled with a SQD mqss spectrometer
  • Flosh Chromatography
  • IRTF Spectrometer 
  • Microwaves
  • Radiochemistry laboratory

Esplanade de la Paix / CS 14032 / 14032 Caen Cedex 5