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 Contact : Loic Doeuvre


Cyceron is a biomedical Imaging Platform pooling the expertise of the University of Caen Normandy, the Universitary Hostpial Center of Caen, the INSERM, the CNRS, the CEA, the GANIL, the François Baclesse center, the Normandy Region and the the Urban Community Caen la mer.

Located on the north land of Caen, Cyceron is a technological platform needed by public biomedical research. This GIP (Public interest group) houses 8000m² of unique laboratory and equipments. Its activity is split in 3 feilds :
  • Research : housing of a multidisciplinary research team and 7 research units in  neurosciences, oncology and cardiology (250 people)
  • Training and Service for industry
  • Economic development
The bibliometric analysis places Cyceron among the best biomedical platforms in France, making the site even more attractive (1059 publications cited 40.000 times internationally since its creation, and staff growth rate of 10% per year since 2005)

Know How at the service of pqrtnership

Thanks to academic research excellence conducted in Cyceron, the platform has unique expertise valued by public and private partnerships to increase economic development in Normandy, on the narional territory and beyond. 30 engineers and techniciens are directly involved in the operation of Cyceron in a mixed service unit, the UMS 3408 (UNICAEN, CNRS, CHU de Caen). 

Cyceron is supporting its partners on several levels :
  • Project reflection and maturation
  • The implementation of experimental techniques and protocols
  • The adaptation of acquisition technics and sequences for different imaging modailities. 
  • Acquisition of Images
  • Image processing qnd interpretation



  • Preclinical (human or animal) imaging device
  • Preclinical 7T MRI with high magnetic field : anatomical and functional acquisition
  • Clinical whole body  3T MRI  with high magnetic field : anatomical and functional acquisitions in humans
  • Preclinical PET-CT : measure three dimensional metabolic or molecular activity of an organ
  • Clinical PET-CT : measure in three dimensions a metabolic or molecular activiy of an organ in humans
  • Angiography : Medical Imaging technique for blood vessels visualisation




  •  Molecular en Cellular biology
  • Surgery room (large and small animal)
  • 2-photo microscopy


  •     Cyclotron : Oxygen 15, Carbone 11 et Fluor 18 production
  •     White room : Radiotracer production and qualification of radiopharmaceutic agent. 
  •     Shielded cells : Radioactivs labeling of molecule. 

Esplanade de la Paix / CS 14032 / 14032 Caen Cedex 5