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Carnot I2CThe Carnot network

The Carnot Network


A Carnot Institut is a public research organization, labeled by the Ministry of Research, which makes strong commitments to lead and develop a research partnership activity for the benefit of busniess innovation - from small to large companies - and socio-economic actors. Carnot Instituts' mission is to develop research partnerships with companies and promote technology transfer. 


A Tremplin Canort is a research structure selected in 2016 for its strong partnership potential without fulfilling completely all Carnot requirements. The aim is to get the label in 3 years. A Tremplin receives specific financial support from the Investments for the Future Program to carry out the actions and help its mission. 

29 Institutes and 9 Tremplin Carnot

18% of the public research workforce

50% of french public research financed by companies

Since 2013, the Carnot network has been organized into economic demand chains, to facilitate access to public research for small and middle companies. Tremplin I2C is noz a member of the FINDMED drug industry, a consortium of 12 Carnot Institutes supporting the french medicinal industry. 


Each year, the Carnot network is present around a common event : Les Rendez Vous Carnot (the Carnot meeting). This event allows industrials to benefit from advice and contacts with all the Carnot network members. I2C will be present in the 2018 edition, on October 17th & 18th at the City of Congresses in Lyon. 


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