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Contact : Nicole Orange
  • Evreux, Rouen, Le Havre


Cosmetomics@normormandy' platform federates and coordinates a set of knowledge and advanced equipments scattered in the university and private laboratories COBRA, CORIA, LMSM, PBSE, URCOM, CERTAM, Surface analysis... aound a dedicated center to the extent of the safety and the safety itself of cosmetic products. Cosmetomics@normandy combines fondamental and applied research as well as their industrial transfer : realization of experimental systems, transfer and diffusion of knowledge, scientific expertise favoring R&D development and innovation of companies. 

This platform aims to accelerate innovation for cosmetic industry members by providing technologies, specitif innovative methodologies likes : characterization techniques, detection, diagnosis, imaging and analysis, in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, multi-scale and multimodal characterization to cosmetics.

  • Optical and laser metrology, advanced digital flow simulation for cosmetics or cosmetic industry processes. 
  • Characterization and impact of particles: electron microscopy, high resolution imaging, SIMS imgaing, isotopic labeling.
  • Physico-chemistry of media and complex mictures, formulation
  • Innovative decontamination technologies : UVc, pulsed light, photocatalysis. 
  • Product microbiota-skin interactions, safety of the assets,  interactomic, proteomic, metagenomic. 
  • Morphological and physicochemical characterization of materials, failure analysis
  • Expology : metrology of droplets, exposure system to atmospheric pollutants
  • Transdermal passage, content-containinig interaction, chemical dosing
  • Toxicity analysis, cytotoxicityn genotoxicity, ecotoxicity... 


In Evreux, the Cosmetomics platform has a 40m² laboratory and several offices for industrial use, as well as a number oe state of the art equipment. 
  •  A microbiology platform
Multimodal microplate readers, Microcosms, Thermostatic blood pressure monitor, L2 and L3, Microbiological Safety Laboratory. 
  • An interactomics platform
Surface Plasmonic Resonance Apparatus, Spotter Robot, SPR / MALDI Coupling, Molecular Docking. 
  • An alternative toxicology platform
Confocal laser scanning microscopy, MALDI-TOF / TOF imaging, Trans-epithelial resistance, In Vitro models
  • An access to the Normand Network of Bacterial Metagenomic Analysis (RNAmb)
MIseq HIgh Speed Sequencer + Servers, Digital PCR.

Esplanade de la Paix / CS 14032 / 14032 Caen Cedex 5