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CNRT Matériaux

CNRT Matériaux (National Center for research into Materials Technology) is devoted to develop research partnerships on organic and inorganic materials, relying on the scientific skills and technical resources of five associated research laboratories. It aims at generating, implementing and applying scientific and technological knowledge to solve industrial, economical and societal issues. 
Working in parnership with companies, CNRT Matériaux develops numerous collaborations at the regional, national and international levels. CNRT Matériaux offers a specific support to its partners through a personnalized offer ;
  • Contract of services
  • Research collaboration
  • Project engineering :  cofunding research, administrative and financial research
  • Training, Internships, joint PhDs.
  • Support for certification procedures.

Our Assets
  • 14 years expérience : CNRT Matériaux is a tool designed to support companies in their R&D activities
  • Confidentiality : CNRT Matériaux automatically sets  NDAs to collaborate in full confidence and plans everything related to IP in its

  • Expertise :  more than 350 researchers, engineers and PhDs
  • CNRT Matériaux relies on 5 associated research laboratories.

Our Skills

CNRT Matériaux offers access to 4 technological platforms in ordder to :

Synthesize and Process

  • Inorganic and Organic Materials Syntheis
  • Blends/Formulation
  • Catalysts and Porous laterials Synthesis
  • Rapid Sintering
  • Polymers, Composites and nanocomposites Processing


  • Chemical Analyses (Liquid & Solid NMR)
  • Elemental Analyses (CHNSO, EDX)
  • Optical microscopy (metallography, Polymer crytallisation)
  • IR Spectrometry (ATR, In Situ, Operando, TGA and MS coupling)
  • Scanning and Transmission Electronic Microscopy (2 MEB, 4 TEM)
  • X-Ray Crystallography – Scattering (4 circles, textural analyses)
  • Atomic Force Micrscopy (AFM)


  • Thermal Characterization (DSC, Photo DSC, TGA)
  • Thermal Diffusion (Laser Flash)
  • Melt & Solution Viscosimetry
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyses (DMTA)
  • Electrical Characterization (conductivity, ZEM 3)
  • Dilatometry
  • Magnetic Characterization (Magnetization, Permeability, NDT)
  • Mechanical testing (Versatile geometries, Accoustic Emission, Fatigue)
  • Hardness (Nanoindentation, Microdurometry, Macrodurometry)
  • Tensiomètres (Mesures tension de surface)
  • Granulometry (Mastersizer 2000)
  • Zetametry
  • Porosimetry and  textural analysis


ANSYS Multiphysique

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